11 baby names parents are rejecting for awkward reasons April 04 2018

Girls' names

Alexa – because of Amazon's Alexa

Felicia – because of the 'Bye, Felicia' meme

Katie – because of Katie Hopkins

Kate – because of the new found obsession with Meghan Markle

Scarlett – because parents prefer other shades these days, like Violet

Lauren – because so many reality TV stars have the name, it seems

Boys’ names

Stan – because of the hashtag #Stan, which stands for 'stalker fan' in the world of Twitter

Harvey – because of Harvey Weinstein

Christian – because of the Fifty Shades connotations (plus it's deemed too religious by some)

Ryan – because of Ryanair

Ollie – because it’s the name of an American pet food brand caught up in a YouTube challenge where humans ate dog food (don't ask)