Royal baby names for people who want to keep it traditional. March 18 2019

According to Nameberry, there’s a number of popular royal baby names that are expected to become popular this year.

Here are the 10 of the royal names for boys:

1. Alfred

2. Arthur

3. Edward

4. Fredrick

5. Henry

6. John

7. Nicholas

8. Philip

9. Thomas

10. Victor

Here are the 10 of the royal names for girls:

1. Amelia

2. Caroline

3. Eleanor

4. Emma

5. Helen

6. Margaret

7. Matilda

8. Sarah

9. Sophia

10. Victoria



Most popular baby names of 2018 revealed! November 30 2018

Baby Center just released the top baby names of 2018!! 


1. JACKSON. Quite literally, meaning 'Son of Jack', this cool name is now more popular than Jack or John.
2. LIAM. This name began as a short form of William, but has become a popular name itself in recent years.
3. NOAH. This Hebrew name meaning 'rest; wandering' made number one spot for boys in 2013.
4. AIDEN. Meaning 'little and fiery' this adorable Irish name can also be spelled 'Aidan'.
5. CADEN. This modern name has risen in popularity following other similar names such as: Brayden and Aiden.


1. SOPHIA. Greek, meaning 'wisdom', this beautiful name has made a comeback, as we're sure it wil again.
2. OLIVIA. Once considered an older lady's name, you can't go anywhere these days without hearing the name called out. Meaning 'olive tree', we love how it symbolises new beginnings.
3. EMMA. Another stunningly classic moniker, this name reminds us of Jane Austen. It commonly arises when someone is looking for that classic yet beautiful name for a baby girl.
4. AVA. Short and sweet this Latin name meaning 'life' has been around for a few years now and isn't going anywhere soon.
5. ISABELLA. With Hebrew, Spanish and Italian origins, this gorgeous name means 'pledged to God'.

10 Trending Baby Names You’ll See Everywhere in 2018 April 30 2018

The experts at are tracking the most popular baby names for 2018. This year's list of trending names is inspired by everything from your favorite TV show to recent storms!

Here's the predicted top ten:

  1. Olivia
  2. Emma
  3. Ava
  4. Charlotte
  5. Mia
  6. Sophia
  7. Isabella
  8. Harper
  9. Amelia
  10. Evelyn

Boys below...

Here are the predicted top ten baby names for boys:

  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. Benjamin
  4. Oliver
  5. William
  6. James
  7. Elijah
  8. Lucas
  9. Mason
  10. Michael

11 baby names parents are rejecting for awkward reasons April 04 2018

Girls' names

Alexa – because of Amazon's Alexa

Felicia – because of the 'Bye, Felicia' meme

Katie – because of Katie Hopkins

Kate – because of the new found obsession with Meghan Markle

Scarlett – because parents prefer other shades these days, like Violet

Lauren – because so many reality TV stars have the name, it seems

Boys’ names

Stan – because of the hashtag #Stan, which stands for 'stalker fan' in the world of Twitter

Harvey – because of Harvey Weinstein

Christian – because of the Fifty Shades connotations (plus it's deemed too religious by some)

Ryan – because of Ryanair

Ollie – because it’s the name of an American pet food brand caught up in a YouTube challenge where humans ate dog food (don't ask)

These popular baby names from the 1990s are 'due a comeback' March 14 2018

Forget naming your child after the royals, if you're looking for inspiration this year, it may be worth re-watching your favourite 90s films!


1) Bradley

2) Daniel

3) Ryan

4) Christopher

5) Lewis

6) Nathan

7) Connor

8) Scott

9) Nicholas

10) Peter

11) Cameron

12) Mitchell

13) Timothy

14) Toby

15) Danny

16) Christian

17) Stuart

18) Simon

19) Ross

20) Paul


1) Maria

2) Courtney

3) Helen

4) Heather

5) Bethan

6) Lydia

7) Kimberley

8) Naomi

9) Abbie

10) Harriet

11) Amber

12) Molly

13) Jennifer

14) Stephanie

15) Abigail

16) Sophie

17) Jessica

18) Danielle

19) Georgia

20) Natalie

These Were The Most Popular Baby Names In The 1940s March 06 2018

Baby naming fads come and go, but plenty of names have staying power. Check out this list, if you're looking for retro names!


  1. Mary

  2. Linda

  3. Barbara

  4. Patricia

  5. Carol

  6. Sandra

  7. Nancy

  8. Sharon

  9. Judith

  10. Susan

  11. Betty

  12. Carolyn

  13. Margaret

  14. Shirley

  15. Judy

  16. Karen

  17. Donna

  18. Kathleen

  19. Joyce

  20. Dorothy

  21. Janet

  22. Diane

  23. Janice

  24. Joan

  25. Elizabeth

  26. Brenda

  27. Gloria

  28. Virginia

  29. Marilyn

  30. Martha

  31. Beverly

  32. Helen

  33. Bonnie

  34. Ruth

  35. Frances

  36. Jean

  37. Ann

  38. Phyllis

  39. Pamela

  40. Jane

  41. Alice

  42. Peggy

  43. Cheryl

  44. Doris

  45. Catherine

  46. Elaine

  47. Cynthia

  48. Marie

  49. Lois

  50. Connie


  1. James

  2. Robert

  3. John

  4. William

  5. Richard

  6. David

  7. Charles

  8. Thomas

  9. Michael

  10. Ronald

  11. Larry

  12. Donald

  13. Joseph

  14. Gary

  15. George

  16. Kenneth

  17. Paul

  18. Edward

  19. Jerry

  20. Dennis

  21. Frank

  22. Daniel

  23. Raymond

  24. Roger

  25. Stephen

  26. Gerald

  27. Walter

  28. Harold

  29. Steven

  30. Douglas

  31. Lawrence

  32. Terry

  33. Wayne

  34. Arthur

  35. Jack

  36. Carl

  37. Henry

  38. Willie

  39. Bruce

  40. Joe

  41. Peter

  42. Billy

  43. Roy

  44. Ralph

  45. Anthony

  46. Jimmy

  47. Albert

  48. Bobby

  49. Eugene

  50. Johnny

Top 20 celeb-inspired baby names in the US January 25 2018

According to the website, singers Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Aaliyah top the list of artists who have inspired baby names in the US.

Website has published its list of top 20 musicians whose fame inspired parents in the US when choosing names for their babies. The data is taken from births that occurred in the United States after 1879. However, it is 20th century musicians who lead the way.

The top spot goes to Mariah Carey, followed by the late Whitney Houston and Aaliyah, who died in 2001. In 20th place, former One Direction member Zayn Malik is the only male musician to feature in the list.

1. Mariah Carey

2. Whitney Houston

3. Aaliyah

4. Mya

5. Selena

6. Willow Smith

7. Sheena Easton

8. Lauryn Hill

9. Norah Jones

10. Shania Twain

11. Miley Cyrus

12. Ashanti

13. Céline Dion

14. Britney Spears

15. Rihanna

16. Ariana Grande

17. Jewel

18. Adele

19. Aretha Franklin

20. Zayn Malik 

These are the most popular festive baby names December 14 2017

For baby girls, the most popular names stuck to the Christmas theme, with Holly, Ivy, and Noelle all topping the list throughout winter.

For boys, the top name has a more biblical influence, with Joseph coming in at first place, followed by Nicholas and then Matthew.

The most popular baby names for the festive season:











100 most popular baby names in 2017 December 05 2017

Top 100 boys' names:

100. Joel
99. Jamie
98. Evan
97. Tommy
96. Levi
95. Ronnie
94. Parker
93. Frankie
92. Gabriel
91. Kai
90. Roman
89. Reggie
88. Stanley
87. Blake
86. Austin
85. Bobby
84. Ali
83. Eli
82. Albert
81. Abdul
80. Michael
79. Toby
78. Jesse
77. Finn
76. Albie
75. Tyler
74. Lewis
73. Rory
72. Ezra
71. Harley
70. Luke
69. Ryan
68. Hunter
67. Ellis
66. Matthew
65. Jake
64. Ollie
63. Arlo
62. Syed
61. Jenson
60. Carter
59. Harvey
58. David
57. Hugo
56. John
55. Theodore
54. Jude
53. Ahmad
52. Nathan
51. Caleb
50. Benjamin
49. Elliot
48. Luca
47. Zachary
46. Liam
45. Riley
44. Adam
43. Sebastian
42. Aaron
41. Daniel
40. Teddy
39. Joseph
38. Harrison
37. Samuel
36. Louie
35. Reuben
34. Edward
33. Dylan
32. Alexander
31. Max
30. Elijah
29. Jayden
28. Arthur
27. Mason
26. Theo
25. Isaac
24. Thomas
23. Archie
22. Henry
21. Aidan
20. Finley
19. Lucas
18. Logan
17. Alfie
16. Freddie
15. James
14. Ethan
13. Joshua
12. William
11. Jackson
10. Charlie
9. Oscar
8. Jacob
7. Leo
6. Noah
5. George
4. Jack
3. Harry
2. Oliver
1. Muhammad

Top 100 girls' names:

100. Skye
99. Hallie
98. Arabella
97. Martha
96. Megan
95. Aurora
94. Sara
93. Felicity
92. Maria
91. Lara
90. Heidi
89. Gracie
88. Robyn
87. Clara
86. Orla
85. Ayla
84. Lottie
83. Summer
82. Leah
81. Amy
80. Anna
79. Nancy
78. Lexi
77. Rose
76. Harriet
75. Jasmine
74. Amelie
73. Elizabeth
72. Sarah
71. Georgia
70. Fatima
69. Violet
68. Madison
67. Niamh
66. Penelope
65. Lyla
64. Abigail
63. Amber
62. Eliza
61. Eleanor
60. Annabelle
59. Holly
58. Bella
57. Maryam
56. Zara
55. Lola
54. Luna
53. Imogen
52. Nur
51. Zoe
50. Thea
49. Lucy
48. Ellie
47. Maisie
46. Elsie
45. Esme
44. Mila
43. Emilia
42. Millie
41. Rosie
40. Molly
39. Florence
38. Erin
37. Emma
36. Eva
35. Willow
34. Matilda
33. Layla
32. Jessica
31. Maya
30. Scarlett
29. Ruby
28. Hannah
27. Harper
26. Sienna
25. Darcie
24. Ivy
23. Alice
22. Daisy
21. Chloe
20. Phoebe
19. Evelyn
18. Aria
17. Charlotte
16. Evie
15. Sophie
14. Grace
13. Freya
12. Poppy
11. Ella
10. Isabelle
9. Mia
8. Isabella
7. Isla
6. Ava
5. Emily
4. Lily
3. Amelia
2. Sophia

15 unique baby names inspired by 'Stranger Things' November 17 2017


Little Anniston Price shares the role of toddler Holly Wheeler with her sister Tinsley, just as the Olsen twins did decades ago. Anniston was a surprise entrant into the Top 1000 in 2014, perhaps as a result of all those Jennifer Aniston magazine covers, nostalgia for "Friends," or its similarity to Addison. Actors Chyler Leigh and Nathan West introduced the double-l spelling for their daughter Anniston in 2009.


Dacre Montgomery plays the charismatic but unpredictable character Billy. His rarely heard name, pronounced DAY-ker, originated as a surname first recorded in the 13th century and survives in the descendants of "Dracula" author Bram Stoker..


She’s a mysterious young girl with psychokinetic abilities and a limited vocab, who was born Jane Ives before she was experimented on in Hawkins Lab.  Not many, but a few parents are playing the numbers game for their kids’ names; ErykahBadu has a son named Seven, and on TV we’ve seen Six on "Blossom" and Seven on "Married with Children" and "Seinfeld."


Cade Jones plays the recurring character of James, a school bully. Cade entered the popularity lists in the late 80s, peaking at #201 in 2001; it’s now at 408, accompanied by cousins Caden and Cale. There was a Cade in "Gone With the Wind" and there’s even a "Star Wars" Cade Skywalker.


Young actor and breakout star Finn Wolfhard plays the intelligent and studious Mike Wheeler. The name Finn is a gigantic hit, now at #175, helped by a starring role on "Glee," and by starbabies parented by Owen Wilson, Autumn Reeser, Tori Spelling, Ed Burns and Christy Turlington, and several others.


Curly-haired 15-year-old Gaten Matarazzo plays Dustin Henderson; they share the medical condition of cleidocranial dysplasia, which is incorporated into the storyline and has raised awareness of it. Not sure about Gaten— could it have derived from the Italian Gaetano?


Glennellen Anderson plays the character of Nicole. I think her unusual smoosh name really works, with its combo of male and female elements. Though it does sound a little like a brand of booze.


Linnea Berthelsen plays the female character Roman. Linnea is a lovely Swedish nature name inspired by the renowned botanist Carl Linnaeus. It’s mega popular in Scandinavia, recently #1 in Norway—and just waiting to happen here.


Played by Sadie Sink, Max is one of the key kids in the show. Max has lately been joining the category of boy nicknames for girls along with Sam, Charlie and Frankie.


Roman is a female character played by Linnea Berthelsen. Roman is currently a Top 100 name for boys; could it now join Rowan—and Rory, Remy and Romy—as user-friendly for either gender?


15-year-old Sadie Sink (great combo!) plays the complicated tomboy character of Max. Sadie has really come back with a bang, now a Top 60 name. Adam Sandler and Christina Applegate are just two of several celebs who chose Sadie for their daughters

Millie Bobby

Young British actress Millie Bobby Brown earned an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy nomination for her starring role as Eleven when she was only 13. Her double-nickname name feels more currently UK than US: Millie alone is #10 in Scotland, 26 in England and Wales, and #436 on the Social Security list.


Salem Murphy has the minor role of the high school principle, but I just couldn’t resist including this one. A particularly haunting unisex place name with some dark associations via the witchcraft trials and the eponymous supernatural TV series, it still has some offbeat appeal.


Little Tinsley Price shares the role of Holly Wheeler with sister Anniston. Tinkley Tinsley, a British surname name, entered the Top 1000 last year.


Winona   Ryder, with her long, stellar resume, plays the mom figure Joyce Byers.  Born Winona Horowitz, she was named after the city in Minnesota near which she was born. Winona is a Sioux Indian name name meaning firstborn daughter and has been heard on television in "Justified," "Seinfeld" and "Star Trek" (as Captain Kirk’s mother). There are many spelling variations.

Check out some of our latest world famous jumbo towels:

Quebec has released its annual list of most popular baby names! April 26 2017

Quebec has released its annual list of most popular baby names and once again, William and Emma are on top!  632 Quebec babies were named Emma in 2016. Emma also held the top spot in 2015 and was runner-up in 2014.




The 100 Best Baby Names for 2017 January 11 2017

Here's the list! Nameberry has released their 100 best baby names for 2017!

Alden: May unseat the popular Aiden, thanks to actor Ehrenreich, the new young Han in Star Wars

Amity: Friendly update for Hope and Faith

AmosA Biblical boy that could follow the newly successful Abel

AramintaBritish classic fresher than Arabella

ArcadiaHeavenly name for the optimistic

ArcherFresher than Hunter, cooler than Arthur

ArrowSet to shoot upwards

AshCool short form of Ashton or Asher, or full name on its own

AstridScandi import with lots of style

AudenPoetic surname chosen by Kelsey Grammer for baby #7

AvivaVivacious palindromic choice

BaxterCould Bax be the new Max?

BeaBeatrice or Beatrix short form that stands alone

BennoAncient saint’s name makes Ben special

BirdieNature name taking flight

BookerAfrican-American hero name with literary and musical associations

Bowie: The late idol inspiring baby namers

Briar: New unisex nature name in the Top 1000

Calliope: Love child of Cadence and Penelope

Cassius: Ancient Roman name that couldn’t be cooler

Celeste: Ladylike name with heavenly associations

Clara: Clearly the most stylish Claire-related name today

Clark: Old-time heartthrob and superhero returns

Corin: The Bard gave us this distinctive yet straightforward boys’ name

Cressida: Posh British possibility with a Shakespearean pedigree

Cyrus: Celeb choice with historic Eastern roots

Daisy: Perennially-fresh and charming flower name

Dashiell: Literary name with lots of dash

Delphine: Chic French twist on floral name

Dylan: Rebel Nobel poet name turned modern classic

Echo: Three trends — mythological, o-ending word name — in one modern choice

Eliza: Classic revival keeps gathering steam

Ember: Emma meets Amber

Emilia: Khaleesi gone classic

Esme: Salinger name that means beloved

Esther: Biblical heroine name weds ancient and feminist appeal

Felicity: Rogue One star Felicity Jones adds strength to this frilly name

Felix: Ancient saint turned cartoon cat turned happy modern baby name

Fiona: Romantic Scottish favorite moving on from Shrek

Forrest: Nature name with buttoned-down appeal

Frank: Frank Ocean updates this name from the Sinatra era

Frankie: Boyish nickname hot for girls

Geneva: Swiss place name destination

Gideon: Biblical boy name on the rise

Goldie: One nickname name that’s both rich and fun

Greer: Tailored Hollywood name, fresher than Harlow or Ava

Gus: Friendly, informal Gus is the new Max

Indigo: Bright blue unisex choice

Ines/Inez: Spanish-inflected variation of Agnes with starry new gloss

Iris: Elegant floral that’s also the name of the goddess of the rainbow

Isadora: The new Isa girl in town

Keziah: Biblical name that feels sleek and modern

Lachlan: Scottish choice finding wider favor

Lark: Bird name that sings sweetly in the middle

Lionel: Jazzy name with stylish leonine associations

Louise: This year’s nominee for how can it NOT be in the Top 1000?

Loxley: Popping on Pinterest

Loyal: Revived virtue name that works for boys

Lucian: Attractive male spin on the popular Lucy and Lucia

Lula: Retro girl name on the upswing, and Liv Tyler‘s new daughter

Lux: As simple as it is luxurious

Marguerite: Cooler than Margaret, more classic than Margo

McCoy: The real thing

Mirabelle: The new Isabelle

Monty: British favorite feels fresh here

Osiris: Name from Egyptian mythology that feels powerful today

Otis: Bluesy choice that’s the epitome of cool

Otto: Newest old O name for boys

Ozzie: Adorable O nickname for Ozias, Oswald, etc; Oz works too

Pearl: The most stylish middle name of the moment

Persephone: Now that Penelope is a Top 100 hottie, Persephone is rising

Posey: Sweet update on Poppy and Rosie

Quincy: Unusual Presidential choice that works for boys and girls

Ray: Sleek, simple name right for both genders

Reeve: A successor to celebrity surname name Reese

Remy: French, simple, delicious for either sex

Reuben: Hot Biblical boy name

Roman: Celebrity favorite with noble pedigree

Rosamund: Elegant rose family member

Ruth: Rich Biblical name finding new fans

Sadie: The fastest-rising girl name on Nameberry

Sage: A unisex name marrying wisdom and nature

Sasha: Unisex name re-embraced for boys

Saskia: Dutch treat with artistic vibe

Sayer: More eloquent than Sawyer

Simone: Gold medalist times two

Snow: Fresh, winter white choice

Soleil: Sunny French name shining here

Sybil: A not-done Downton Abbey name

Sylvie: Sweet French-accented choice

Tallulah: Dramatic name favored by celebrities, but still distinctive in the real world

Thea: Newcomer to the Top 1000 that feels both classic and modern

Thor: Powerful superhero choice

Vera: Fresher than Cora or Ava

Wilder: Prepster name with an outdoorsy vibe

Winnie: Winning nickname-name finding new fans, including Jimmy Fallon

Winston: Churchill makes it a hero name, but Winston feels wearable for a child, too

Yara: Spanish favorite slowly being discovered by the wider world

Zelda: New series based on the life of Zelda Fitzgerald soon to debut on Amazon

ZinniaExotic floral choice


And the Most Popular Baby Names of 2016 Are… December 05 2016

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More than 400,000 parents weighed in at and the results are in: The most popular baby names this year are Sophia and Jackson … again.

BabyCenter ranked the top 100, and the top 25 are below:

Rank Girl | Boy
1. Sophia | Jackson
2. Emma | Aiden
3. Olivia | Lucas
4. Ava | Liam
5. Mia  | Noah
6. Isabella | Ethan
7. Riley | Mason
8. Aria | Caden
9. Zoe | Oliver
10. Charlotte | Elijah
11. Lily | Grayson
12. Layla | Jacob
13. Amelia | Michael
14. Emily | Benjamin
15. Madelyn | Carter
16. Aubrey | James
17. Adalyn | Jayden
18. Madison | Logan
19. Chloe | Alexander
20. Harper | Caleb
21. Abigail | Ryan
22. Aaliyah | Luke
23. Avery | Daniel
24. Evelyn | Jack
25. Kaylee | William



Drilling down into the data by sex, Riley, Aria and Charlotte are all newcomers to the top 10. Meanwhile, Aurora, Emilia, Bella, Gianna, Melanie, Everly and Luna are all new additions to the top 100. And Peyton, Eliana, Adeline, Camilia, Kinsley, Eva, Maria, Skyler, Bailey and Aria all made the largest gains relative to their position in the list last year. (Notably missing: Daenerys.) Kaitlyn, Clara, Katherine, Isla, Kayla, Emery and Taylor all slipped out of the top 100 (perhaps due to some kind of unspoken prejudice against female names that start with a hard-C sound).

As far as dudes, Oliver and Elijah are the newest entries in the top 10, while Bryson, Elias, Harrison, Zane and Kai are all newcomers to the top 100. Mateo, Ezra, Lincoln, Isaiah, Josiah, Grayson, Levi, Leo, Julian, Sebastian, Carson and Asher are the biggest gainers in the top 100, while Micah, Nathaniel, Brody, Blake and Xander all bowed out of the top 100. (Buffy doesn’t have the cultural cachet it once did.)

Finally, in case you were interested, Hillary rose 64 percent in popularity, while Donald only crept up five percent. However, Ivanka leapt up 39 percent in popularity.

Source: People Magazine

17 Baby Names That Will Be Big In 2017 November 29 2016


If 2015 was Gigi Hadid's year, 2016 belonged to her little sister. From the catwalk to that red carpet in Cannes, the model became a household name – and might just cause 'Bella' to have a resurgence next year.


With the live-action reboot of Beauty and the Beast due to hit cinemas in March, we have a feeling the lead character's moniker might just become even more popular on the playground than it already is.


As possibly the biggest pop-culture sensation of 2016, Eleven from Stranger Things could well influence the naming game. And for those less daring new parents, they could always opt for Millie Bobby instead.


Now that she's dating Prince Harry, there is no end to the influence the potential new princess could have.


It might be Kendall Jenner's least favourite of all her niece and nephew's names, but we're sure that won't stop a host of parents following in the Kardashian footsteps.



If we learnt anything this year, it's that we should never underestimate Trump's popularity again. Therefore, we'll prepare ourselves to see many little Donalds running around the playground soon.


She may not be the president-elect but there's no denying the enormous influence Hillary Clinton had on 2016. We have a feeling her traditional moniker will be back next year.


The same goes for the First Lady who will, no doubt, cause a mass of forward-thinking future feminists to be named after her.


Next year will see the final ever series of Game of Thrones. When dealing with this emotional loss, a future parent may well opt to keep a part of the show in their life forever.


Or Prince, Muhammad, Alan… or any of the legends we lost this year are likely to be the namesakes for many.


Yet another genius 2016 lost was Leonard Cohen whose famous hit 'So Long, Marianne' will no doubt be the influence behind more than a few naming decisions next year.


No not Bieber, but Trudeau. The Canadian Prime Minister won the heart of the world this year and we imagine will be an inspiration for many.


One of our favourite celebrity baby names of 2016 came courtesy of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's baby girl Dusty Rose. We don't think she'll be the last 'Dusty' for a while.


One of Pantone's colours of spring/summer 2017 could inspire a new name trend for those parents looking for something a little different.


We're set to meet the new Disney princess next year and we predict plenty will be taken by her name.


We see the more edgy parents being inspired by one of 2016's biggest fashion brands, Supreme – and you just know that will be one of the most confident kids on the playground.


Thanks to Rio, 2016 gave us a year of inspirational sporting heroes. No more so than the British cyclist Laura Trott who will no doubt have some impact on baby naming next year.


[WATCH] Ashton Kutcher Reveals Rejected Baby Names! November 17 2016

On Wednesday’s Conan, Ashton Kutcher did not reveal the name of his soon-to-be son but did share an odd name he was shooting for! 

30 Baby Names That Give You Tons of Great Nicknames! November 04 2016


Alexandra: Alex, Allie, Andra, Lexi, Sandra, Sandy, Sasha, Shura, Xan, Xandra

Anastasia: Ana, Annie, Nastya, Stacy, Stasya, Tasia

Annabelle: Ann, Anna, Annie, Bella, Belle, Ella, Nan, Nell

Charlotte: Charlie, Carly, Lola, Lotta, Lottie, Tottie

Christina: Chris, Chrissy, Christa, Christie, Ina, Kika, Stina, Tina

Eleanor: Ella, Elle, Ellie, Nell, Nellie, Nora

Elizabeth: Bess, Bessie, Beth, Bethan, Betsy, Bette, Betty, Buffy, Eliza, Ella, Ellie, Elsa, Elsie, Libby, Liddy, Lili, Lisa, Lise, Lisette, Liz, Liza, Lizbeth, Lizzie

Evangeline: Angie, Eva, Evie, Gilly, Lina, Vangie

Genevieve: Evie, Gen/Jen, Genie, Genna, Genny, Ginette, Ginny, Viv, Vivi

Katherine: Kat, Kate, Kathy, Katy, Katya, Kay, Kit, Kitty

Margaret: Daisy, Greta, Gretchen, Madge, Maggie, Maisie, Mamie, Margie, May, Meg, Megan, Meta, Peg, Peggy

Mary: Mae, Mamie, May, Mimi, Mitzi, Molly, Polly

Natalia: Nat, Natasha, Talia, Tally, Tasha

Sarah: Sadie, Sal, Sally, Sarita

Susanna: Sookie, Sue, Sukey, Susa, Susie, Suze, Zanna, ZuZu

Veronica: Nikki, Rona, Ronnie, Vera

Wilhelmina: Billie, Mina, Minnie, Vilma, Willa, Willie, Willow, Wilma





Alexander: Al, Alex, Lex, Sander, Sandy, Sasha, Xander, Zander

Charles: Cal, Charlie, Chase, Chaz, Chick, Chip, Chuck

Christopher: Chip, Chris, Kip, Kit, Topher

Edward: Ed, Eddie, Ned, Ted, Teddy

Frederick: Fred, Freddy, Fritz, Rick, Ricky

Henry: Hal, Hank, Harry

Jonathan: Jon, Jonty, Jonny, Than

Lawrence: Larry, Laz, Lon, Loren, Lorne

Nicholas: Cole, Colin, Klaus, Nick, Nico, Nikos

Robert: Bob, Bobby, Dobbin, Hob, Rob, Robbie, Robin

Theodore: Ted, Teddy, Teo, Terry, Theo

William: Bill, Billy, Liam, Will, Wilkie, Willie, Wills, Wim


14 Unique Names for Your Autumn Baby September 27 2016

Our fave website Nameberry, just released their list of 14 unique autumn baby names!

Aki and Akiko are two Japanese girl names with autumnal meanings: Aki means born in autumn, while Akiko translates to autumn child. Another international name for girls is the Turkish Hazan, which also means autumn.

Albero—The Fall season immediately brings to mind the amazing palette of fantastic tree foliage colors, and Albero is the word for tree in Italian. An exotic namesake for an ancestral Albert? For Nameberry’s comprehensive list of individual tree names, go here.

Ashoun, Ashun—A lovely Armenian name meaning Autumn

Azaroa—If you’re looking for a truly distinctive name beginning and ending in A for your autumn baby, Azaroa meansNovember in Basque.

BlazeThe perfect name to describe the wild coloration of New England autumn foliage, word name Blaze—originally a form of the French Blaise—has been on fire lately, now at Number 706, after entering the Top 1000 in 2000. Kate Winsletused it as the middle name of her son Bear, and there’s a rock musician named Blaze Bayley.

ChristabelAnd now for something completely different: a notable namesake born on the Autumn Equinox, September22nd.  Christabel Pankhurst was a famous British suffragist, daughter of the movement’s leader, Emmeline Pankhurst. An undiscovered ‘bel’ name, Christabel was a poet character in A. S. Byatt’s novel, Possession.

Jora/h—This pretty Hebrew name with the lovely meaning of ‘autumn rain’ could fit right in with playmates Nora, Floraand Cora. George R.R. Martin used the Jorah spelling for the male character Jorah Mormont in his A Song of Fire and Icenovels and the TV adaptation, Game of Thrones.

LibraOne of the few wearable Zodiac sign names beside Leo, Libra spans the astrological period from late September to late October and is an air sign whose attributes include balance, a sense of justice, and appreciation of beauty and harmony. And Libra could be another path to the nickname Libby.

Lugh—Pronounced LOO, this is an Irish mythological name of a divine hero, associated with the harvest festival of Lughnasadh, which is named after him. It’s similar to the Welsh Llew.

NinaAbby recently wrote a great blog on number names, but I want to share one of the best names for the ninth month of SeptemberNina. This stylish classic appears in several cultures, from Russian to Spanish, and in many works of fiction. Now at Number 300 (175 on Nameberry), this decidedly not-weird name was chosen by Weird Al Yankovic for his daughter. .

OctoberThe creativity of two noted writers, Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, is clearly evidenced by their choice of the name October Adelaide for their daughter. September, October and November are among the rarest of month names, but could make interesting, distinctive middles. The Italian form of the month name, Ottobre, is another possibility, Otto for short.

SoleilWe may not think of Autumn as the sunniest season, but the connection here (a bit of a stretch?) is the autumnal equinox, marking the beginning of Autumn, in which the plane of the equator passes through the center of the sun. Soleilis a particularly lovely French name starting to be appreciated here– we’ve already seen it on a couple of Berrybaby birth certificates. It was first brought into the spotlight via Soleil Moon Frye.

TopazThe glowing golden birthstone for the month of November, Topaz is a gem name just waiting to be discovered, with its z-ending sizzle. The topaz is said to have healing and energizing properties and also to bring good luck. The otherAutumn gemstones are Sapphire for September, Opal for October, and the alternate Citrine for November.

Woods—Forest has long been used as a boys’ first name and there’s no reason why its synonym shouldn’t be considered as well. A fairly common surname (Tiger, James, Elle), it has the newly trendy s-ending for boys.



Just released: Quebec's most popular baby names! April 15 2016

Emma, Thomas and William top Quebec's list of most popular baby names for 2015. See the top 30 below!

Emma edged out last year's first choice for girls, Léa, while Thomas and William were tied for the number one ranking.

On the girls' side, Olivia, Alice and Florence rounded out the top five, while on the boys' side it was Jacob, Liam and Félix.


Here's the top 30  list of most popular baby names is compiled by Quebec's social security agency, the Régie des Rentes, which administers Quebec's child tax credit.


9 Undiscovered Baby Names for Boys March 14 2016

Our fave site has a great list of 9 undiscovered baby names for boys!

1. Dashiell: Novelist Dashiell Hammett makes this name literary and sophisticated. Obvious nickname Dash makes it sporty and fun. Given to a mere 123 boys in 2014, Dashiell has been used in small numbers since the 1980s. The name picked up momentum after The Incredibles used the name for the older superhero son in 2004. Just Dash cracked the US Top 1000 for the first time in 2014, but it remains nicely underused. Huxley and Auden are two more names with literary ties that are under-the-radar.

2. Fox: Dashiell’s twin brother is Fox. It’s a very different name, style-wise, borrowed from the natural world instead of the literary one. And yet, it hits the same rare-but-stylish note as Dashiell. With names like River and Jasper so popular, parents continue to turn to nature for fresh baby naming inspiration. Plus,The X-Files is back, and Fox Mulder is on the small screen again. Everest, Rio and Wells are three more offbeat nature name possibilities.




3. Boone: We love presidential names, and those that feel quintessentially American, like Levi (an Old Testament name that brings to mind blue jeans) and Ford (a name tied to the automobile industry). So how about Boone, as in frontiersman, Daniel? It’s just outside of the current US Top 1000. More names that hit the same note include Penn (as in Philadelphia founderWilliam) and Revere (as in Paul, he of Midnight Ride fame).

4. Zev: Like your names short and snappy? Modern favorites like Jax are gaining ground, but there are plenty of possibilities with longer histories of use. Zev means wolf in Hebrew. It was given to 148 boys in 2014, making it rare — but not completely unknown. Other names with the same vibe include word names like Link, Zen and True.

5. Finnian: Irish names have long been popular in the US. Liam is a current Top Ten favorite, and Ryan and Connor have been favorites for years, with fast-rising choices like Declan and Ronan racing up the charts. But rarer choices abound, including Fin- names, like Irish saints’ name Finnian and legendary Fintan, as well as imports like Cormac and Breccan.

6. Dempsey: While we’re looking at all things Irish, names like Riley and Brady have been big in recent years. Dempsey — as in boxing legend Jack Dempsey — has the same upbeat sound, but is far less common. Other ends-in-y names with a similar vibe include the English Rigby and Ramsey.

7. Linus: This Greek mythological name was worn by several popes, but is most famous today as the blanket-toting member of The Peanuts gang. Linus was given to just 163 boys in 2014, making it a name that’s both instantly familiar and seldom heard. It’s a good alternative to names like Felix and Ezra that are already on the rise. More vintage names that are underused in 2016 include Lyle, Roscoe and Rufus.

8. Benedict: Benjamin is a traditional choice for a son that’s never been very popular, and surnames like Bennett and Benson are on the rise, too. But how about Benedict, boosted by handsome leading man Benedict Cumberbatch, and an equally reasonable way to get to Ben? The saintly name was popular with popes and has a long history of use. 137 boys were given the name in 2014, suggesting that the actor behind Sherlock has put his unusual given name on the map. Other unexpected long forms of popular names include Leopold for Leo and Phineas for Finn.

9. Thayer: Ends-with-er names are a popular category, from favorites like Hunter and Carter to up-and-coming choices like Archer and Thatcher. But it’s also a category with plenty of undiscovered options. Thayer, a cousin to Taylor, seems like a promising choice, given to just 51 boys in 2014. Keller, Decker and Ledger are three more names attracting attention in 2016, but still nicely under the radar.

Hottest Baby Names of 2016... So far! February 15 2016

What are the hottest baby names for the year ahead?

To find out, looked at which names have attracted the most unique views of a total of more than six million visits to our name pages in the past 30 days.

Then they tracked which of those top names had increased 50 percent or more over the same period last year.

The result: A group of 50 baby names we see as the very hottest right now.  These names might not be showing up on international popularity lists quite yet. But the current spike in interest is sure to translate to much wider adoption in the months and years ahead.

Some observations:

— Vowel-beginning names continue to rule, with 40 percent of the hottest girls’ names and over half the boys’ names starting with A (still the leader), E, I, or O, in that order.

— Unisex names are hot, especially for girls, with Riley, Rowan, Finley, Teagan, Peyton, Sage, and Everly all making the girls’ list. But we also see names that can cross the gender line on the boys’ side: Jayden, Elliot, Logan, Charlie, and Rhys.

— Girl-boy pairs of names make the hot list, with Elise and Elias, Kai and Kaia, Jade and Jayden, Evan and Everly all rising.

— Girls’ names with the -el sound — Elise and Elsie but also Aveline and Annalise — keep gathering steam, as do boys’ names that end in n, with newcomers Aryan, Augustine, Lucian, and Eamon joining such favorites as Aiden and Owen.

— The new hottest names have a distinct international flavor, and include the Scandinavian Astrid, French Anouk, the AfricanAmara, the German Annalise, the Greek Xanthe, the Hawaiian Kai, the Indo-Iranian Aryan, and the Irish Eamon.

The 50 hottest names of 2016, in order of popularity on Nameberry and including the percentage they jumped over last year, are:


  1. Astrid, up 101%
  2. Thea, up 54%
  3. Sadie, up 50%
  4. Riley, up 335%
  5. Elise, up 54%
  6. Avery, up 52%
  7. Rowan, up 115%
  8. Elsie, up 68%
  9. Finley, up 60%
  10. Jade, up 96%
  11. Anouk, up 122%
  12. Wren, up 104%
  13. Amara, up 52%
  14. Celeste, up 51%
  15. Aveline, up 57%
  16. Teagan, up 134%
  17. Bryn, up 317%
  18. Peyton, up 71%
  19. Sage, up 78%
  20. Ruby, up 124%
  21. Annalise, up 54%
  22. Kaia, up 52%
  23. Mavis, up 98%
  24. Xanthe, up 83%
  25. Everly, up 76%


  1. James, up 72%
  2. Elijah, up 50%
  3. Jayden, up 489%
  4. Elliot, up 80%
  5. Logan, up 81%
  6. Charlie, up 92%
  7. Jude, up 137%
  8. Elias, up 82%
  9. Isaiah, up 60%
  10. Arlo, up 51%
  11. Kai, up 66%
  12. Evan, up 95%
  13. Aryan, up 70%
  14. Aiden, up 102%
  15. Noah, up 92%
  16. Augustine, up 231%
  17. Owen, up 54%
  18. Alistair, up 63%
  19. Amias, up 55%
  20. Lewis, up 57%
  21. Lucian, up 87%
  22. Angus, up 78%
  23. Micah, up 76%
  24. Rhys, up 71%
  25. Eamon, up 96%

The 100 Best Baby Names Right Now! January 14 2016

From Abel to Zephyr, here is's picks for the most intriguing names of 2016!

Abel – Biblical boy name with a capable sound

Adelina – The next Isabella

Agnes – Vintage A name set for a major comeback

Alice – Storybook heroine back in the Top 100

Amias – Undiscovered masculine name whose meaning we love

Apollo – A Greek god at home in the modern world

Arden Shakespeare’s forest makes this a literary nature name

Arlo Upbeat Arlo is a folk singer – and an animated dinosaur

Athena – As smart as Sophia

Atlas – Mythological name that holds its own

August – The Oscar of 2016

Aurora – Ancient name seeing a new dawn

Beckett – Literary name and Hollywood favorite

Benedict – Ben name glamourized by leading man Cumberbatch

Blaise – Saint’s name with a fiery image

Bodhi – Surprising spiritual name entering the mainstream

Brooks – Brooke is fading for girls, but Brooks is white-hot for boys

Cait and Cate – New ways to spin classic Kate, inspired by Jenner and Blanchett

Cassian – Roman rarity poised for 21st century discovery

Charlie – Modern parents increasingly prefer Charlie to Charles – or Charlotte

Charlotte – A Nameberry favorite turned royal baby name

Clementine – Edible appellation back in the US Top 1000

Cora – The Downton Abbey name most likely to succeed

Cordelia – Lear’s loyal daughter, and a recent returnee to the US Top 1000

Crosby – Irish surname name that’s part-crooner, part-NHL

Cy and Si - Claire Danes picked Cyrus, the Timberlakes Silas, and Zoe Saldana simply Cy

Declan – Ryan and Brian’s little brother

Delilah - Biblical bad girl rehabilitated

Delta – Southern belle baby name chosen by Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell

Dinah - Undiscovered Biblical girls’ name

Dorothea – Distinctive classic rich with great nicknames

Edith – 2016’s Abigail, and Cate Blanchett’s youngest

Eloise – Childhood literary heroine ready for the real world

Elsie – Rising nickname-name chosen by Zooey Deschanel

Emmeline – Alternative to popular Emma and Emily, and Meryl Streep’s Suffragettecharacter

Emmett – An Em name for a boy, boosted by Twilight and The LEGO Movie

Everest – Nature name with a hint of danger, featured on the big screen last year

Ezra – As Biblical as Noah, plus with the zippy ‘z’

Fable – Modern spin on Mabel just right for a writer’s child

Fay or Faye – A more inventive – and vintage - middle than May or Ray

Flannery – As literary as Harper, but far more distinctive

Flora – Halfway between Nora and Daisy, yet all the way more unusual

Flynn – Dashing Flynn, part-Tangled, part-Finn.

Ford – The chicest of the car names

Fox - An animal name as snappy as Max, as modern as Bear

Frances – A classic that’s thrown off its dowdy image to feel fresh and wearable

Freya – A Norse goddess name long popular in the UK, and newly discovered in the US

Grey – Color name possibility for boys, rising thanks to – or despite – Fifty Shades

Hank – Casual Jack-like name chosen by Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker

Harold – Former grandpa name now following Henry into wider use

Harvey – A name that’s been out for so long in the U.S. that it’s suddenly very in

Hawk – Fierce nature name worn by Jeremy Renner in The Avengers

Hazel – Once an out-there starbaby choice, now a vintage favorite

Holiday - Cooler than Holly or Noel, more approachable than Christmas or Easter

Huck – This year’s Finn or Sawyer

Imogen – UK – and Nameberry – favorite slowly catching on in the US

Inigo – Rare saint’s name that deserves wider use

James – The most enduring of boys’ names, now also a possibility for a daughter

Jane – Quirky television series Jane the Virgin makes classic Jane a cultural-crossing possibility

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The Trendiest Baby Names For 2015 Were Instagram Filters and "Empire" Characters! December 02 2015 just released a report on baby naming trends this year.  Some of the trendiest names were based on Instagram filters like Lux and Valencia . . . "Empire" characters like Dre and Lucious . . . and royalty like Duchess and Sultan.

Here are the four big trends:

1.  Instagram filters.  The name Lux is up 75% . . . Ludwig is up 42% . . . Amaro is up 26% . . . and Valencia is up 26%.  Other filters like Reyes, Hudson, Kelvin, Juno, and Willow also had jumps.

2.  "Empire" characters.  Dre is up 77% . . . Lyon is up 61% . . . Hakeem is up 55% . . . and the name Lucious is actually back to being used.  It looked like it was going to go extinct before "Empire" resurrected it.

3.  Royalty.  Duchess is up 75% . . . Reign is up 54% . . . Sultan is up 26% . . . Princess is up 22% . . . and the name "Royalty" itself is up 90%.

4.  Gender neutral names.  Wyatt is up 84% for girls . . . Lincoln is up 47% for girls . . . Maxwell is up 39% for girls . . . and Piper is up 61% for boys.

The report also found the most popular name for girls this year was Sophia.  For boys, it was Jackson. 


BabyCenter’s Top 10 Baby Names of 2015


  1. Sophia
  2. Emma
  3. Olivia
  4. Ava
  5. Mia
  6. Isabella
  7. Zoe
  8. Lily
  9. Emily
  10. Madison


  1. Jackson
  2. Aiden
  3. Liam
  4. Lucas
  5. Noah
  6. Mason
  7. Ethan
  8. Caden
  9. Logan
  10. Jacob

The 13 Coolest Celebrity Baby Names October 21 2015

Our fave website Nameberry gives its stamp of approval to 13 celebs who have recently nailed it with the following fantastic choices.



Best Uncharted Territory Prize goes to Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna, aka Anne V who chose a previously unheard place name for her daughter, unusual and yet on trend with the new vogue for wintry names like Snow and Frost, Winter and January. With partnerAdam Cahan, they became a triple-A-initial family.

Amélie Moon

We nominate actor Kevin Durand and wife Sandra Cho’s choice for the Sheer Beauty Award, for this luminous, moonstruck combo.Amelie, the French version of the popular (#15 here, #1 in England)) Amelia, came to the US on the wings of the charming 2001French film. Moon has become a bright new middle-name option, quirkily adorable.

Apollo Bowie Flynn

The whole No Doubt band has been dubbed (by us) as Best Musical Group Baby Namers, led by vocalist Gwen Stefani. After sonsKingston James McGregor and Zuma Nesta Rock came Apollo, classical god of music, truth, the sun, poetry and more. Can’t get much cooler than that.


No contemporary actor is quirkier that Irishman Chris O’Dowd, so we’re not surprised that he would pick this almost comically blunt-sounding vintage nickname for Arthur. But wait—if you don’t know your Irish history–Art is the noble name borne by a number of legendary kings. And there’s also the connection to art, with a lowercase ‘a’.

Delta Bell

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard get the Most Surprising Siblings Citation for their diametrically different daughter names. First came a girl given the presidential surname Lincoln in 2013, followed by the languid and lush, ultra-femme, southern Delta, less than two years later.

Edith Vivian Patricia

On a recent talk show, Cate Blanchett revealed the inspiration behind the names of her first three children—Roman, after director Polanski and the French word for novel, Dashiell from Dashiell Hammett, and Ignatius— are you ready? —from a children’s DoctorUnderpants book (“I must have been hallucinating.”). But for her first daughter, adopted last winter, she went in an entirely different direction, combining three lovely, traditional appellations

Elsie Marigold

Ioan Gruffudd & Alice Evans get the Cutest Combo Award for this double vintage choice. Elsie, until recently a dusty old Elizabethnickname, is in the process of being polished up—it’s reached Number 32 in England and Wales—and Marigold is a fresh new flower in the name garden. This latest little Gruffudd shared the El-beginning of her name with sister Ella Betsi.


Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, who was ahead of the starbaby pack with older daughters Violet Maye and Harper Willow, now gets the Best Shakespearean Choice Prize for using the lovely name of Hamlet’s tragic heroine.

Poppy Louise

We wouldn’t expect you to name your kid Gramps or Pop-pop, but Jenna Bush Hager was fortunate (and clever) enough to use the childhood nickname of her great-grandfather, George H. W. Bush, as the trending name of her second daughter. Middle nameLouise, another family honor name, makes a nice, gentle counterpoint to the peppy Poppy, making this the Most Perfect Tribute Name.

Silas Randall

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake looked back into their family history and chose the middle name of Justin’s maternal grandfather as the baby’s first, while Randall is the middle name of both Timberlake and his dad—another solid choice with real meaning.


There are any number of virtue names for girls, but very few for boys. Actor Emile Hirsch managed to make this bold choice for his son, a name that had previously been seen only in comic books. Valor: hereby declared Most Creative Word name in recent times.

Winnie Rose

There is just something so winning about Winnie, the name of Jimmy Fallon’s older daughter (the second is Frances/Franny) that the oldtimey, endearing nickname for Winifred wins the Neatest Vintage Nickname Award. Runners-up are Drew Barrymore’s girlFrankie (sister of Olive) and Max Greenfield’s Ozzie James.

Zephyr Emerson

This light and breezy name of the Greek god of the west wind was the interesting choice of tech entrepreneur and Facebook founding president Sean Parker, who also named his first daughter Winter Victoria, as well as several notably branded companies.

Great Autumn Baby Names! September 30 2015

Another great article, from our fave website!


Autumn is ironically the hottest season name, the only one in the Top 100 where it’s maintained its status for over a decade now.  The name Autumn first entered the U.S. Top 1000 in 1969, inspired by the hippie nature names and word names.  While it’s still attractive, however, it’s hardly fresh.

Names from other cultures that provide a newer route to Autumn include the Japanese girls’ names Aki and Akiko, the Turkish girls’ name Hazan, the Vietnamese Thu, and, in Chinese, Qiu for either girls or boys.

Fall month names are not quite as usable as those of the other seasons.

SEPTEMBER – Why are March, May, August and even January hot while September (along with October, November, and December) is not?  Maybe there’s something chilly about that “ber” ending.  Still, this has an attractive sound and is certainly unusual.  The Latin Septimus, which means “seventh son,” sounds a bit Harry Potter and is perhaps too redolent of things septic.  But Seven (lets forget that September is the ninth month, since we still have November to deal with) has potential.

OCTOBER – An equally unusual month name that gets an extra helping of cool from hipster writers Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, who chose it for their daughter.  Perhaps more attractive are the Latin pair Octavius and especially Octavia, both of which mean (as does October) “eighth.”  Other Octavius and Octavia variations you might consider: Octavian, Octaviana, Octavienne, the ItalianOttavio or Ottavia, or the nicknames Tavy or Tavia.

NOVEMBER – Certainly as usable as September and October, which is to say, not very unless you’re extremely adventurous.

Nature names that summon up an image of fall include tree names, particularly:

ASH (any of the Ash names – Asher, Ashley – relate)












OLIVE (and Oliver and Olivia)



The following may be a stretch, but other names that mean tree in a less obvious way include:

ADAIR – Scottish and Irish unisex name that relates to oak trees.

CORMAC – This handsome Irish boys’ name means “tree trunk,” which is close enough.

DAPHNE – Classic name that means laurel tree.

KEZIAH – Beautiful Old Testament name that means cassia tree.

LENNOX – A Scottish name that relates to the elm tree.

NIMA – Middle Eastern favorite, also found as Neema and Neemah, that means margosa tree.

PERRY – Works for both boys and girls and means “pear tree.”

ROWAN – A unisex name that’s also the name of a tree with red berries and that means “little redhead.”  Related names includeRowena, Rhonwen, Roan, and Rowney.

Fall’s brilliant colors might also provide baby-naming inspiration.

Names that mean red include:









If golden is the fall hue you prefer, try:









Even brown, fall’s ultimate color, relates to some appealing names:

BAIZE – A French girls’ name that means “dark brown”


KIONA – A Native American girls’ name that means “brown hills”

ROUX – Unisex and pronounced “roo,” this might make a good middle name

SORRELL – Can be spelled with one or two r’s and l’s

18 New Baby Names Parents Love Right Now July 31 2015

From our fave Nameberry website:


Back in 1944, names like Judy, Beverly, and Bruce felt new. In the 1970s, Kelly, Justin, and Shawn were novel. And in 1994, we were busy naming our sons original choices like Austin and Tyler, while our daughters became Alexis and Taylor.

Parents are always dreaming up new baby names, taking our inspiration from pop culture and the past. Not every new name feels freshly minted. Some seem like throwbacks, even vintage gems. Others become mainstream so quickly that it’s hard to imagine the names haven’t always been in use.

But make no mistake: plenty of the most popular baby names in the US are recent arrivals, as new as the newborns who wear them.

How to define a truly new baby name? There are eight boy names and ten girl names that have only ranked in the US Top 100 for the past five years. They’ve also (almost) never charted in the US Top 1000 prior to 1984 – thirty years ago.

If you’re expecting a baby in 2015, chances are that you didn’t grow up with anyone with any of these 18 names. But your kids? They will almost certainly will have friends and classmates who answer to these names.

The 18 newest baby names in the US Top 100 are:


Harper – Literary Harper currently stands at Number 11, boosted by Harper Lee, author of Pulitzer Prize winning bestseller To Kill a Mockingbird. Now that Lee has another novel on the bestseller lists, Harper feels unstoppable.

Aria – Musical Aria ranks Number 31. Other musical names like Melody and Cadence have been popular, but Aria’s rise is fueled by two television characters, Aria from Pretty Little Liars and, of course, Arya from Game of Thrones.

Skylar – Part surname-name, part-nature name, Number 48 Skylar is a modern choice for a daughter, never in the girls’ US Top 1000 before 1990. For boys, both Skylar and Skyler have slightly longer histories.

Paisley – As a colorful pattern, Paisley has been around since the eighteenth century. But as a name, Number 53 Paisley is brand new. Paisley first cracked the US Top 1000 in 2006, and has climbed quickly since.

Kennedy Presidential Kennedy stands at Number 54. The name saw some use for boys in honor of the late JFK. But now that Kimberly is a mom name, Kennedy is a 21st century favorite for girls.

Aubree – It’s easy to dismiss respellings, like Number 61 Aubree, a twist on Number 20 Aubrey. But alternative spellings like Kaitlyn and Zoey can – and have - become more popular than the originals.

Mila – Mila ranks Number 72, and feels like a vintage charmer. But Mila has only dipped into the US Top 1000 once before, in 1881. Following the success of Mia and Layla, Mila re-entered the Top 1000 in 2006 and has quickly become one of the most popular names for girls in the US.

Piper – Piper is Number 75, thanks to television’s Orange is the New Black, about everyone’s favorite inmate, Piper Chapman. Actress Piper Laurie scored her first Oscar nomination back in 1961, but the name was rare until the 21st century.

London – Place name London charts at Number 93. The city may have more than 2,000 years of history, but as a given name, London is new. It first charted in the girls’ Top 1000 in 1994, and reached the Top 100 in 2011.

Hadley It’s another literary surname name starting with H! Number 99 Hadley brings to mind Hadley Hemingway, the first wife of celebrated author Ernest, and the subject of the fictionalized bestselling account of their marriage, The Paris Wife.


Jaxon and Jaxson – Number 46 Jaxon and Number 85 Jaxson are both respellings of artistic, presidential, place name Jackson. They’re definitely new baby names, and combined with the original, make this name the more popular than Number 1 Noah.

Grayson – Handsome Grayson stands at Number 63, a polished surname name, worn by fictional characters from Batman to Revenge. But as a given name, Grayson first charted in the US Top 1000 in 1984, and only reached the Top 100 in 2011.

Easton – Number 83 Easton is another surname name we’ve embraced in the last few years. While North is reserved for a Kardashian’s kid, Easton is as wearable as William. Easton is biggest in the Midwest. The name is Number 6 in North Dakota.

Bentley – The name of a British luxury automobile, Number 89 Bentley was boosted by a Teen Mom birth announcement back in 2009. Bentley previously cracked the US Top 1000 three times – in 1890, 1961, and 1962. Now Bentley joins Benjamin and Bennett on the list of formal names for Ben.

Kayden – Number 90 Kayden is a member of the Aiden-Jayden tribe. It’s also a newer favorite, first appearing in the US Top 1000 in 1999, and reaching the Top 100 in 2012. Aidan has history, but Kayden is a truly new 21st century name.

Ryder – Nearly every 21st century boys’ name is a surname, and that’s also true for Number 95 Ryder. Golf’s Ryder Cup and Ryder trucks make this name more familiar, but it’s only been heard as name since the 1990s, and debuted in the Top 100 in 2014.

Camden – Number 100 Camden is a place name, celebrity favorite, and spin on long-time favorite Cameron. London’s bohemian Camden Town district has long been a favorite with creative types, from Charles Dickens to Dylan Thomas to Amy Winehouse.

The Hottest Baby Names of 2015... So Far! June 29 2015

By now we’ve all heard about which baby names were most popular last year, but what about the names that are attracting the most heat now and into the future?

Here is Nameberry's behind-the-scenes look at our 100 hottest baby names of 2015, the secret popularity list of the names gaining the most in views on the site. Our methodology: We looked at the number of times every name in our database was viewed for the first half of this year vs. the same period last year and, controlling for overall traffic increases, which names jumped the highest.

The hottest names of 2015 and beyond are a mix of fresh favorites and vintage choices enjoying new attention. Some of the names here are already-stylish: Everly and Owen, Ash to Zed.

But there are a lot of surprising choices among the Hot 100. That said, if you name your baby the still-unusual Tove or Meilani, Leif or Leon today, don’t be surprised to find it a lot more popular tomorrow.

Without further ado, here are Nameberry's Top 100 baby names of 2015... so far:





Taylor Swift-Inspired Baby Names May 28 2015


Taylor Swift’s latest video is a who’s who of Hollywood stars, up-and-coming singers, and supermodels galore.

“Bad Blood” stars Taylor as a sort of James Bond/Wonder Woman/Katniss Everdeen warrior extraordinaire. After her fellow BFF-spy betrays her, she enrolls in assassin school and assembles a crack team of allies to help her take down her nemesis.

It doesn’t sound like inspiration for baby names. But the cast and characters answer to an eclectic bunch of global, daring names. One of these might be just right for your daughter.

Gigi – Palestinian-American model Jelena Hadid is better known as Gigi. Gigi can be short for so many names: Georgia, Genevieve,Virginia, Gabrielle.  In the 1958 musical Gigi, it’s a pet name for Gilberte. Gigi is rarely bestowed independently, but with nickname-names like Coco and Lulu so stylish, it’s possible we’ll hear more girls named just Gigi. Cynthia Rowley has a daughter named GigiClementine.

Lena Pan-European Lena is the kind of short, simple name that parents have embraced in recent years, from 2014’s Number OneEmma to Top 100 choices Ella, Nora, and Eva. Lena is on the upswing, possibly because of Girls creator Lena Dunham. And yes, she’s in “Bad Blood,” too, as the cigar-smoking Lucky Fiori.

Martha – Americans might think of the original First Lady, Martha Washington. But Taylor Swift’s pal is model Martha Hunt, aVictoria’s Secret Angel and the sword-wielding HomeSlice in the video. It’s a very different spin on the Biblical name. In the US,Martha has been out of favor for years. But now that good girl names like Hannah and Abigail are past their peak, maybe Martha is ready to be rediscovered.

Ellen – Speaking of good girl names, Ellen was a 1960s staple seldom heard in recent years. Taylor Swift is a huge fan of actressEllen Pompeo, who cameos as tough-as-nails Luna in “Bad Blood.” Right on time, Ellen is starting to feel fresh again. There’s EllenDegeneres, of course. Also credit Pompeo, and Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page.

Luna Ellen’s character’s name is one of the hottest names of the moment. The celestial Luna, chosen by Penelope Cruz and UmaThurman for their daughters, has gone from quirky Harry Potter heroine to mainstream favorite. Luna ranked Number 143 in 2014 – the most popular name on this list!

Justice – In the US, Justice is a gender-neutral virtue name, currently ranked Number 420 for girls and Number 531 for boys. It was recently in the headlines thanks to a New Zealand woman. She says her name is Justice; New Zealand authorities insist it isn’t a name. (They say she’s Justine.) In the video, Justice is the alter ego of Mariska Hargitay. Just like Ellen, Mariska is one of Taylor’s long-time heroes.

Domino Domino is a go-to name for a tough girl, from a famous James Bond character to real-life bounty hunter Domino Harvey, played by Keira Knightley in a 2005 biopic. No surprise, then, that “Bad Blood” gives the name to a motorcycle-racing master played by Jessica Alba.

Zendaya Zendaya Coleman is a mega-star on the Disney Channel with a rising career in pop music. Her unusual name was among the biggest debuts of 2014. Now Zendaya is a member of the “Bad Blood” crew, playing Cut-Throat. As long as Zendaya’s star is on the rise, we’ll likely hear more of her name.

Serayah – The most unusual name on this list belongs to Serayah McNeill, better known as Tiana on Empire. McNeill’s given name comes from the Old Testament, where’s it’s a masculine name, often spelled Seraiah. Six girls were called Serayah in 2014 – before the debut of the hit television series.

Source: Nameberry,com

9 things people say when you’re pregnant with your second child April 24 2015

1. ‘Oh, you didn’t waste any time!’

What they really mean is, ‘you are clearly randy devils who got right down to business the moment you popped out the first baby.’

With a nine-month-old baby who did not like to sleep – I can confirm we weren’t. However, it seems that first post-baby night alone plus too much wine plus attempt at ‘romance’ before falling asleep, equals an almost immaculate conception.

2. ‘At least you’ll get all the baby stuff out of the way.’

I didn’t want it out of the way. I had wanted a little rest first. The chance to read an entire novel, go out for drinks, go back to work, spend some quality time with my husband, see my friends and, above all, SLEEP…

3. ‘Second babies are so much easier and nearly always good sleepers.’

I had one bad sleeper. Thanks to this statement being repeated time and time again, I assumed I would not have two bad sleepers. I assumed wrong!

4. ‘Ah, are you hoping for a boy/girl this time?’

Why do people assume every parent wants one of each sex?

Most are of are just hoping for a healthy baby (who sleeps a lot).

5. ‘Childbirth is always quicker the second time.’

My first took half an hour. How much quicker can you get?

6. ‘Childbirth is easier the second time around because you know what to expect.’

Yep. A baby. I was expecting that the first time but it didn’t make it any easier.

7. ‘You will find it’ll be easier to get things done because they’ll play together.’

Easier? OK, let me see… I just need to spend my whole day wiping TWO bums, changing TWO lots of nappies, doing TWO lots of washing, cleaning up TWO puddles of wee, getting endless drinks and snacks, breaking up fights and keeping TWO small people in one piece – then I’ll do all the things.

8. ‘Only eighteen months apart? How nice. They’ll be best friends!’

Can you please tell my kids that? Because three years into double motherhood and from where I am standing there is just a whole lot of screaming, arguing and lamping each other with sippy cups.

9. ‘Having two is more than double the work.’

I can confirm this one is true! But what they should add is that it is also double the laughter, double the fun and double the love.

Having two babies so close in age is as rewarding as it is challenging and as entertaining as it is exhausting. They laugh together, they cry together, they play together and they fight. But there is nothing better than watching your children’s love for each other grow stronger each day.

In fact, getting pregnant for the second time is the best thing I have ever (accidentally) done.

Source: Metro News

12 annoying things people say when you have a new baby April 21 2015

When you have just had a baby it seems that everybody has something to say about it.

While most of the remarks are said with the best of intentions, when you are sleep-deprived and struggling to adjust to life with a newborn, they can be a little annoying.


1.‘Cherish every moment.’

Every moment? Really? Because there are a lot of moments that I would rather just forget. Like the time I hid under the covers and cried as my baby screamed in her cot for the hundredth time that night, or the day I was so sleep-deprived I passed out in the supermarket.

But most of all, I do NOT want to cherish all the times I felt guilty for NOT ‘cherishing every moment.’

 2‘Sleep when the baby sleeps.’

This is very good advice – if your baby sleeps! But when you have a little one who does not like to sleep this is not an option. And even if she did sleep, I would have more important things to do, like going to the toilet or cleaning my teeth.

 3. ‘Oh bless her. She has a little birth mark/blotchy skin/funny-shaped head/cradle cap?

Thanks for mentioning all the things I have been worrying about so I can worry about them some more.

 4. ‘She is so…long!’

Let’s all just admit that ‘long’ is a kind way of saying. ‘Woah, your baby is MASSIVE!’

 5. ‘Are you getting much sleep?’

There is never any need to ask this question. I have vomit on my shoulder, my top is on inside out, my hair is dirty, I have bags under my eyes the size of refuse sacks, I am walking like an agitated zombie and I have a new baby. How much sleep do you think I am getting?

 6. ‘Does she sleep well?’

Yep. Like a baby. See above.

 7. ‘Have you tried (insert magical sleep technique that got their baby to sleep through the night at four weeks old)?’

I haven’t slept in weeks. There is literally nothing I haven’t tried. So right now we are sticking with a technique I like to call ‘Get Your Baby To Sleep By Whatever Means Necessary’.

8. ‘Have you got her into a consistent bedtime routine?’

Yes. I routinely put her to bed and she consistently wakes up.

9. ‘Has she smiled/laughed/rolled over yet?’

If my baby hasn’t done any of these things yet, I am now wondering why. Is my baby normal?

Panicking, I check out Google, I call the health visitor, I read the baby books – why the hell isn’t my baby doing this yet?

10. ‘You are going back to work? I bet that will be a nice break for you.

I get up at 5am to get ready after being up all night with the baby. I drop her at nursery, drive to work and spend the next eight hours trying to use my brain on barely any sleep. I then pick baby up from nursery, drive home, feed the baby, bath baby, try to get baby to sleep, go to bed and then repeat. Five days a week. Call that a BREAK?

11. ‘You aren’t going back to work? I bet that’ll be a nice break for you.’

I am trying to keep a baby in one piece for 24 hours a day on barely any sleep. Some days I have no time to shower, drink a coffee, eat or get dressed. I haven’t sat down in weeks. Call that a BREAK?

12. ‘It’ll get easier.’

When? This is a big fat lie. Three years into motherhood I am still waiting for ‘easier’.

Source: Metro News

The Vintage Baby Names Making a Big Comeback March 02 2015

Every year, the US government issues a list of the names that are making the biggest leaps up the popularity list.  And there, among the reality TV-inspired Daleyzas and Jayceons, sprinkled in with the new-fangled Jurnees and Zayns, is a collection of vintage names that for a range of reasons have suddenly become hot.

Sometimes, the inspiration is a film or television show, as with Marjorie and Game of Thrones or Walter and Hank from Breaking Bad.

A name’s choice by celebrity parents can make it go from sleepy to sizzling too, as happened with Olive after it was used for their daughter by Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Here, 40 vintage baby names making big leaps up the popularity list.  The +number indicates how many places each name moved up the US popularity list in 2013. And the second number is the name’s standing on the popularity list.  Please note: Only those names in the Top 1000 are tracked.


Marjorie, +735, to 910

Mabel, +338, to 707

Rosie, +235, to 883

Leona, +176, to 734

Alma, +154, to 701

Mercy, +143, to 854

Hattie, +138, to 570

Millie, +124, to 598

Dorothy, +115, to 808

Beatrice, +102, to 593

Pearl, +80, to 677

Anastasia, +79, to 257

Vera, +77, to 422

Felicity, +76, to 579

Mae, +74, to 674

Olive, +73, to 291

June, +70, to 362

Frances, +70, to 693

Sadie, +69, to 50

Rosemary, +68, to 533


Enoch, +178, to 836

Harvey, +176, to 616

Cassius, +172, to 760

Clyde, +160, to 999

Samson, +129, to 671

Theo, +129, to 666

Gilbert, +112, to 885

Thaddeus, +105, to 797

Otto, +89, to 696

Francis, +86, to 506

Roland, +77, to 665

Lionel, +74, to 733

Reuben, +72, to 896

Hank, +58, to 626

Frederick, +46, to 492

Augustine, +45, to 955

Uriah, +34, to 539

Walter, +34, to 342

Franklin, +33, to 495

Ephraim, +32, to 972

Kelly, Mackenzie, and Clare: Great reclaimed names for boys! January 21 2015

Thanks to for the great info!

Girls have been borrowing from boys’ names for generations. Shirley and Ashley were once more common for men. Ditto Madison,Avery, and Harper.

It’s easy to fume about name theft. After all, conventional wisdom is that once a name is widely used for our daughters, it cannot be given to our sons.

The truth is messier. Consider:- Sometimes the “stolen” name was actually languishing, forgotten, until parents revived it for girls. Fewer than two dozen boys were named Madison the year Splash was released.

– Not every name used for some girls becomes exclusively used for girls. Cameron has remained mostly masculine, despite high profile women, like Cameron Diaz and Camryn Manheim, making it feel like a unisex possibility.

– Bailey, on the other hand, is overwhelmingly female today – but then, this name was actually very popular for girls when parents started considering it for their sons.

– Other names battle it out, becoming popular for both genders for a few years until it becomes clear that the name will be mostly given to girls or boys. Odds are you know a 40-something guy called Shannon, Ashley, or Courtney.

But the newest phenomenon is the most exciting: in recent years, names have held steady for both genders, suggesting that Americans are willing to embrace names that are truly gender neutral. Think of Rowan, Peyton, and Riley.

And why not? Taylor Lautner dated Taylor Swift, and the Earth continued to rotate. Schools have had Jordan (boy), Jordan (girl), andJordyn (girl) in the same grade, and it wasn’t any more confusing than the 1980s, when every third girl answered to Jennifer.

So what’s the logical next step?

Truly daring namers are taking back names that have been claimed for Team Pink, and using them for their sons.

Here are some of the most promising candidates for reclaiming:

Sasha Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky welcomed twin sons in 2014. Their new additions have romantic names – Tristan andSasha. Sasha is traditionally an affectionate form of Alexander in Russian, but in the US, Sasha has long trended girl. First DaughterNatasha Obama answers to Sasha, and Beyonce’s alter ego is Sasha Fierce. This was a bold move by Pataky and Hemsworth – but hey, if your dad is Thor, do you really have to worry about playground teasing?

Kelly – Pro surfer Kelly Slater was born Robert Kelly Slater in 1972, around the same time lots of parents were embracing the Irish surname name for their daughters. Actress Holly Marie Combs has three young sons: Finley Arthur, Riley Edward, and Kelley James.Finley, Riley, Kelley – on that list, Kelly fits right in, a logical Irish choice for a son.

Madison – A boy named Madison? Maybe. Baseball’s Madison Baumgartner, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, was named World Series MVP in 2014. Yes, nine out of ten current Madisons are girls – but with options like Maddox and Madden trending for our sons, it is easy to imagine Madison on a boy.

Mackenzie – The Scottish surname is still in the girls’ Top 100, inspiring spin-offs like Kenzie and McKinley. But child actorMackenzie Astin reminds us that this name has potential for boys, too. Nickname Mac fits right in with Jack and Gus.

Kendall – With Kardashian sibling Kendall Jenner in the spotlight, it’s a safe bet that Kendall hasn’t quite peaked for girls. But isn’t any Ken- name wearable for a boy? Kenneth, Kendrick, Kendall – on sound alone, Kendall seems like an easy sell for a son.

Kennedy – In the 1960s, Kennedy was a hero name, given in honor of President John F. Since the 1990s, Kennedy has been a trendy surname possibility, far more popular for girls. Between the late president and the many places named in his honor –Harvard’s Kennedy School, the Kennedy Space Center, Washington DC’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – this name screams accomplishment, whether you’re naming a daughter or a son.

Alexis – Like Sasha, Alexis is a cousin to Alexander, worn by emperors and saints. Alexis was huge for girls – thank you, Dynasty! But this name had a good run for boys, too, hovering in the mid-100s while it was a girls’ Top Ten staple. Today, Alexis is fading for both genders, but it could still feel fresh and interesting for a boy.

Avery – The 2015 version of Alexis? It has to be Avery. Yes, Avery is huge for girls. But Avery remains in the boys’ Top 200 as of 2013. With a very long history of masculine use, parents seem willing to continue using Avery for their boys – even if their female classmates might have the same name.

Bailey – At first glance, it looks like girls really did steal Bailey. But in fact, Bailey barely used at all in the 1970s, with fewer than two dozen births a year. Parents embraced Bailey as a Kaylee/Hailey spin-off … and only then did the name also catch on for boys. Today, Bailey remains just outside of the girls’ Top 100, but is rare for boys. But if Bentley and Brantley are big for boys, why notBailey?

Quinn – Here’s a clear case of a name threatening to go girl. From the 1960s onward, Quinn was a great Irish surname name for a boy. In the 1990s, parents added it to their shortlists for a girl. Then came Glee, with its teenage sweethearts Finn (boy, football player) and Quinn (girl, cheerleader). Suddenly, Quinn surged for girls, and floundered for boys. But if Finn and Flynn and stylish boys’ names, there’s no reason to take this off Team Blue.

Cary Long before handsome Hollywood hopeful Archibald Leach changed his name to Cary Grant, Cary had been a boys’ name.Carey, too. Both spellings are forms of an Irish surname related to the given name Ciar – dark.   Both spellings have also alwaysbeen more popular for boys. Only recently, with the rise of Carrie and Kari for girls did Cary and Carey become unwearable for boys. Look no further than Cary Elwes to imagine how well the name could wear on a boy today.

Clare – In every spelling – Clare, Claire, and Clair – this name has a long history of use as a masculine name. That’s probably because it is a common surname with several possible origins. The best case for using Clare for a boy? Probably the surname, as in early Anglo-Norman leader Richard de Clare, better known by his nickname, Strongbow. It’s also a place name in Suffolk, where the de Clare family held property. In an age of Chase, Clark, and Crew, why not Clare?

Sidney – Spelled Sydney, this name was a fixture for girls. Sydney was Jennifer Garner’s fearless character on Alias. Neve Campbellwore the name in Scream. Now that Sydney is fading for girls, can we reclaim Sidney – and the great nickname Sid – for our sons?

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Winter baby names! December 23 2014

Here are our favourite winter-themed names for boys and girls:


Winter - too obvious? Nonetheless, a truly distinctive baby name which is beginning to pick up in popularity.

Holly/Ivy - bit of a cliché, but we couldn't resist these festive-themed classics

Indra – a Sanskrit name meaning 'drops of rain', something you'll be very familiar with if you're giving birth in a British winter.

Audra – Lithuanian for storm, this name has a gorgeous ring to it that echoes increasingly popular names like Aurora and Audrey.

Natalie – the name Natalie comes from the Latin phrase 'natale domini', which means Christmas Day. Bet you didn't know that!

Violet – the perfect name for a February baby, as the delicate purple perennials are the official birth flower for babies born that month.

Eirwen – a Welsh name which means 'white as snow', making it a delightfully evocative choice for a winter baby.

Mary - a Christmas-themed baby name that pays tribute to one of the central figures of the Nativity.

Santa – Spanish for 'saint' or 'holy'. Just make sure you pronounce it with the Spanish accent to avoid confusion with the big man in red.

Nevada – another Spanish one, Nevada means snow-capped - what could be more deliciously wintery?


Edur – a name of Basque origin, Edur means snow. Great if you're dreaming of a white Christmas!

Noël - groan! Sorry, we had to throw this in there.

Nicholas - patron saint of children and the original 'Father Christmas', Nicholas lets you tip your hat to the festive season without overdoing it.

Lanyon – a nod to Cornish heritage, this chilly name comes from the Cornish words for 'cold lake'.

Korah – comes from a Hebrew word meaning ice or frost, an all-too-common sight at this time of year.

Joseph - a counterpart to Mary above, Joseph is a name with a special relevance to Christmas and the Nativity, but also has the advantage of not standing out too much.

Casper - not only a friendly ghost, Casper (or Gaspar) was one of the three kings said to have visited the baby Jesus in the manger.

Gabriel - as you'll doubtless recall, Gabriel was the angel who announced the birth of Jesus. It's also an increasingly popular boys' name (79th most popular in 2013).

Rudolph - Central European names are becoming more and more popular (Louis, Max, Leo,...), so why not join in with the festive-tinged Rudy or Rudolph?

The Top 10 Baby Names Of 2014! December 06 2014

The list is out! According to Babycenter, these were the top 10 baby names of the year:


Girls                    Boys
Sophia                 Jackson
Emma                  Aiden
Olivia                   Liam
Ava                      Lucas
Isabella                Noah
Mia                      Mason
Zoe                     Ethan
Lily                      Caden      
Emily                   Jacob
Madelyn               Logan


“This is the year of the binge-watching baby name,” Linda Murray, BabyCenter Global Editor in Chief, tells Yahoo Parenting. “When you spend 16 hours in one weekend watching your favorite series, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters’ names. The correlation between trending baby names and trending binge-watch shows is undeniable.”


Exhibit A: Characters on Netflix. Cast names in House of Cards rose in the rankings, including Garrett, 16 percent; Claire, 14 percent; Zoe, 13 percent, and even Remy, 11 percent and Francis, 5 percent. Ditto for Orange is the New Black. Galina shot up a whopping 67 percent this year, while Boo went up 57 percent and Piper, 28 percent. Character names from Grey’s Anatomy (Arizona, with a 35 percent rise) and Scandal (Fitzgerald, with a 56 percent rise) were movers as well. And remarkably, 16 of the 22 names on ABC’s Nashville jetted up the list, with Luke stepping it up most with a 44 percent increase in popularity, and series star Hayden Panettiere’s own name rocking a 23 percent uptick. 


 (Some parents are also turned off TV characters. Olivia, the star onScandal, is on the decline, as is Kerry, the real name of the actress, Kerry Washington, who plays her, reports.)

 Jackson is still hanging tough as the most popular boy name for a second year, and Sophia is sitting pretty as the No. 1 girl name for the fifth year in a row, but a few new names debuted on the Top 10 list: Caden, Logan and Madelyn, based on the names of more than 406,000 babies born in 2014 to moms registered on

“Parents told us they want an uncommon but not unique name,” explains Murray. “They don’t want their son to be 1 of 15 Liams in a class yet they want something unusual.” That’s why she believes people are choosing the names of small screen characters. “They feel fresh and you start to like them because you hear them over and over, whether they’re beloved or a villain.”



 Southern-style names on the whole are up as well. Tennessee is 61 percent more selected for boys this year and Macon is up 29 percent. “I expected place names would be meaningful to parents,” says Murray of the destination name trend. (One in four of those undecided on a name reported that they might choose the name of a place they associate with special memories) “But in fact, most people say they’ve never been to the place they’re naming their child after. They have some positive association with it but no real personal meaning.”

 This isn’t to say that moms and dads are taking name selection lightly. “We found that 60 percent of parents believe a child’s name contributes to their success in life,” says Murray. Respondents revealed they were looking for names that conveyed specific qualities, she adds. For boys, “strength” and “kindness” were top priorities, whereas “kindness” and “intelligence,” topped the list for girls. “Parents take the job seriously,” she says, “because they want to set their kid up for a great life.”

20 'Fiery' Baby Names Inspired by 'The Hunger Games' November 24 2014

  1. Aidan, Aiden: Few names are as popular as Aiden, an Irish superstar that's currently the 12th most-chosen name for boys (and its varied spellings mean that it's more popular than it sometimes gets credit for). The meaning, "little fiery one", is just as fitting for a Hunger Games fan as for a toddler.
  2. Auburn: Usually reserved for hair color, auburn is a warm reddish-brown that makes us think of a flickering flame. Even the sound of this name seems to play with fire, though it's just a coincidence that it contains the word "burn".
  3. Blaze: In an unexpected twist in the world of names, the traditional French Blaise (which likely means "lisping") has been reinvented with a new spelling. Like a Blaise from an alternate universe, Blaze has an unmistakable red-hot image, perfect for a child with a bold personality.
  4. Brantley: A surname turned hotter-than-fire given name, Brantley is a recently popular choice helped along by country artist Brantley Gilbert. It comes from the Old German word for brand, with meanings related to fire or "fiery torch".
  5. Brinley: Across America, the sound of "brin" is catching on like wildfire. Though this irresistible name is partly a new creation, it does have Old English roots connected to the surname Brandley, which means "burnt meadow".
  6. Cayenne: A bold, fiery spice made from ground chili peppers, cayenne is a word with plenty of name appeal. It's for those who love distinctive, rare names, as only 17 girls were born last year bearing this name. It's a small but brave departure from the more timid Cheyenne, with inventive nicknames like Cay and Caya possible.
  7. Cole: Fueled by its catchy sound, this trendy name means "coal" and was traditionally given to boys with dark features. (Though it could have made a perfect District 12 name.) It's also a possible nickname for Nicholas, though Cole itself has lots of spin-offs like Colby, Coleman, Collier, Kole, and Colden. Some famous bearers include composer Cole Porter, child actor Cole Sprouse, and country artist Cole Swindell (born Colden).
  8. Enya: Ethereal singer Enya, born with the original Gaelic spelling, Eithne, made the anglicized version of her name accessible to Americans. With the meaning "little fire" or "kernel", we think Enya has a certain spark and fits right in with international favorite Anya.
  9. Ember, Emberly: These names, based on the word for a spark or low flame, sound like a contemporary update to Amber and Kimberly. Between their trendy sounds and beautiful meaning, they're both gaining interest among parents, with Ember climbing more than 300 spots in the past 5 years.
  10. Fia, Fiamma, Fiammetta: This Italian family of names sounds ready for American ears, along the lines of Sofia and Fiona. Fia is showing the most potential, though they are all pretty, and the meaning -- "little flame" -- warms our hearts.
  11. Flint: An English name that means stream, flint also happens to be a fire-starting quartz. This name feels like a tough, cowboy-ready playmate of names like Clint and Wyatt. It's a very rare choice, with only 57 boys given this name last year.
  12. Ignacio, Ignatius: These saintly names mean "fire", with the same roots as the word ignite. Whether you prefer the Spanish form Ignacio, or the original Latin Ignatius, both allow for the spunky, punk-rock nickname Iggy.

  13. Joash: A young king of Israel mentioned in the Bible, this Hebrew name has debated meanings including "fire of Yahweh". It sounds like a modern mash-up name (i.e., Jonah and Ashley), or a twist on Joshua, though its ancient roots claim otherwise. With nicknames like Joe or Ash, this energetic name is ready for more popularity.
  14. Kindle: A rare name unfortunately taken by Amazon's e-reader, kindle is a word that conjures a spark of inspiration. Its similarities to the name Kendall have given this name a little boost, while varied spellings like Kyndal and Kyndle make the two hard to differentiate at first glance.
  15. Pepper: The peppercorn plant gives us this spicy, red-hot name, sometimes used as a nickname. Its distinctive sound gives it a peppy feel, while its spicy associations keep Pepper from sounding too cute. Recently seen in the Iron Man movies, Pepper Potts is played by Gwyneth Paltrow.
  16. Phoenix: From the mythological tale of a bird that is consumed by fire and reborn from its ashes, Phoenix is a powerful name. The story of the phoenix may remind Hunger Games fans of Katniss' wedding dress, which burns away to reveal a mockingjay.
  17. Scarlett: A blazing shade of red linked to flames, the color became a surname for those who worked with scarlet fabric, and was made famous by high-spirited heroine Scarlett O'Hara in Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind. Its pretty sound and fiery features make Scarlett a wonderful choice, for a Hunger Games fan or otherwise.
  18. Sienna: We can't get away from the fiery clay pigment burnt sienna, known for its rustic brown color and as a childhood staple in our first pack of Crayolas. It even feels like a nod to Cinna, Katniss' revolutionary stylist, whose wardrobe creations made her the Girl on Fire to begin with.
  19. Soleil: Pronounced soh-LAY, this blazing French nature name is a rare but beautiful choice meaning "sun." It strikes us as a fitting name for an audacious girl with a globe-trotting family or a love for all things French.
  20. Zayden and Zaiden: These inventive forms of Aiden bring even more zest to your "little fiery one." Parents love these names, making both chart-climbing stars in the past few years, with the Zayden spelling a little more popular. We just can't resist the appeal of exotic consonants, and boys' names that start with Z, along the lines of Zane and Zachary, feel contemporary and spirited.  

Elsa, Ivy and 18 more baby names poised for popularity! November 22 2014

The amazing website plotted the upward trajectory of 20 names that have been vaulting up the charts over the past decade. They crunched the numbers and came up with a Hotness Quotient: a number that plots each name’s relative hotness and stands for the number of places it will jump each year if it continues moving up the ranks at the same pace.

They tracked all the names on our list from 2001 through 2013; entering the Top 1000 more recently than that skews the HQ unfairly high. Eloise, which reentered the Top 1000 in 2009, for instance, has an HQ of 145, nearly three times as high as our Number 1 name Adeline, while newcomer Jax, which entered in 2005, stands at 96, twice as high as our top boys’ name Finn.  But these names are unlikely to continue moving up at this velocity.

Here, their ten hottest girls’ and ten hottest boys’ choices., with their individual Hotness Quotients:


Violet, 50

Although Violet got up off the chaise where she’d been swooning in the late 1990s, it wasn’t until 2005 when she was chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for their daughter that the name really motored for the top, now at Number 69. Although Violet’s HQ of 50 would catapult her into the Top 20 next year, we don’t think her rise will continue to be quite that dramatic, at least not unless another high-profile celebrity couple chooses the name.


Stella, 44

Stella’s trajectory mimics Violet’s, taking off after a decades-long slumber in the late 1990s and rising straight toward the top. Sassy Stella, which means “star,” has been chosen for their daughters by several celebrity couples and is also in the Top 100 in Germany and Sweden. Right behind Violet at Number 70, we can imagine Stella joining sister names Ella and Isabella in the Top 20 in a handful of years.

Adeline, 43

Sweet Adeline has moved up more than 500 points since 2001, now standing at Number 232. At its current trajectory, we’d expect it to be in the Top 100 in 2017 and the Top 10 by 2020. Will it really get there? Sister name Adelaide’s trajectory is steeper but it entered the Top 1000 more recently, but we do see these two similar names near the top of the list within the next decade—much as Emma and Emily have dominated over the past several years—with mutual short form Addie becoming as common as Ellie and Emmy are now.

Lila, 40

Lila is one of those names whose popularity and hotness are confusing. As one of a group of very similar names —Layla and Leila and Laila—all with high HQs of their own, it can seem as if you hear it everywhere. But at the same time, Lila with this spelling stands only at Number 155, so it’s far from being a Top 10 name. Not for long, though. With an HQ of 40, Lila is due to enter to Top 100 within two years and may reach the Top 10 within four….though Layla, now at Number 30, stands to get there first.

Juliet 34

Although Juliet has been on the US Top 1000 nearly every year since 1880, it only started seriously taking off toward the top a decade ago. Now this diminutive of the ancient Roman name Julia, made most famous by Shakespeare, is at Number 238 and likely to enter the Top 50 in a handful of years.

Beatrice, 33

Beatrice hit is lowest mark ever in 2001, when it nearly disappeared from the Top 1000 completely, only to turn around and begin heading back toward the top. A Top 100 name from the 1890s till the 1930s, Beatrice still has a projected 15 years to go before it achieves that rank again from its current standing at Number 593.

Elsa, 32

Although Elsa’s current fame seems propelled entirely by her starring role in the movie Frozen, she actually began her ascent in 1999, turning upward after hitting the very bottom of the Top 1000 list and now standing at Number 528. Elsa’s HQ of 32 suggests it will take her more than a decade to make the Top 100 but we predict her trajectory will pick up steam and she’ll make it in half that time. Elsa is a multicultural hit, standing at Number 61 in Spain and at Number 3 in Sweden.

Cora, 28

Cora is one of those surprising names that has always been on the Top 1000, ranking in the Top 100 until just about a century ago, when it began a long downward slide. It didn’t start heading back up again until the 1990s; and now stands at Number 127. At its current rate, Cora should break into the Top 100 again in the 2014 statistics and could rank among the Top 25 names before 2020.

Aurora, 24

Aurora is another name most people would be surprised to learn has always ranked among the Top 1000, but it’s at its highest peak by far right now, standing at Number 145 with the Top 100 in sight within the next two years. Aurora’s classical origins—she was the Roman goddess of the dawn—and romantic feel combine to fuel its current popularity.

Ivy, 21

Even before Beyonce and Jay-Z chose Ivy as their daughter’s middle name in 2012, this old-fashioned botanical name had begun its upward climb. Now at its all-time zenith at Number 152, Ivy could break into the Top 100 for the first time ever within three years.


Finn, 46

Finn is the leader of a crew of Irish boys’ names that have risen from obscurity to take the US by storm in the past decade. The name of the greatest hero of Irish mythology, Finn McCool, the name entered the US Top 1000 for the first time in the year 2000 and has now risen to Number 250. With an HQ near 50, Finn is projected to stand within the Top 50 names within five years. Finn ranks among the Top 100 names not only in its native Ireland but in Scotland, the Netherlands, and Germany, where it stands at an astonishing Number 5.

Emmett, 44

Emmett owes its popularity to Top 10 sister names Emma and Emily as well as to its featured role in Twilight. A well-used name at the end of the 19th century, it began a long downward slide before reversing course in the late 1990s, now standing at Number 173. Both Emma and Emily were Number 1 names and there’s no reason why Emmett can’t join them at the top within the next handful of years.

Silas, 37

The New Testament Silas got style boosts from The Da Vinci Code and from television’s Weeds, rising since the 1990s to reach Number 116 today. And the name continues to be hot, in line to reach the top of the list within the next three years.

Hudson, 36

Hudson, as in the river, has the same New York vibe as cousin name Brooklyn but subtler and cooler. It’s jumped nearly 500 places in the past 12 years and is in like to reach the Top 10 within two or three years.

Asher, 35

Dashing Biblical Asher languished nearly unused for most of the 20th century, only to start its meteoric rise in the late 1990s. Today, Asher sits just outside the Top 100. This is one name we predict will make it to the very top of the list; it’s on target to crack the Top 10 in the 2016 standings.

Sawyer, 31

Two-syllable names that end in either R or N are wildly fashionable for boys. Occupational name Sawyer first cracked the Top 1000 in the early 1990s and today lies a few points outside the Top 100. We can see Sawyer joining Asher near the top of the list by 2016.

August, 29

August is interestingly one of those surprising names that has been in the Top 1000 every single year since the list began in 1880; it was in the Top 100 until 1892. Then it began a century-long slide, not reversing course until the 1980s. Now at Number 316 – not too unusual, but not too popular – August has more time to go with its HQ of 29 until it gets toward the top of the list. We’ll put it in the Top 100 in around 2020.

Declan, 28

You can think of Declan as Finn’s younger, weirder brother, nearly unheard of in the US until 1998 when it hit the Top 1000. Fifteen years later, it’s ready to break the Top 100. Will it ever climb to the Top 10? Unusual Irish names have a way of taking the US by storm: Look at the once-unusual Aidan, Ryan, and Sean.

Jasper, 28

Jasper is distinctive as the only widely-used jewel name for boys; it’s always been on the US Top 1000. Now it’s climbed to Number 248 and at its current pace could take a decade to reach to Top 10. But we don’t think it’s heading to the top of the list but will rather remain as a fashionable classic.

Ezra, 25

Ezra is definitely one of the stars of the new wave of biblical boys’ names, joining Asher and Silas – along with Levi and Moses and Abel and Jude – in taking over the spots once held by older guard biblical boys’ names from Aaron to Zachary. After nearly vanishing in the 1960s, Ezra now stands at Number 143 and seems poised to keep climbing till it reaches the upper reaches of the popularity list, which should happen in the next handful of years.

Other baby names with high HQs include Eleanor, Clara, Eliza and Phoebe for girls; Abel, Roman, and Felix for boys.

Most Popular Baby Names of 2014….so far! July 09 2014

The midyear tally of the most popular baby names of 2014 is out!

The 2014 popular baby names list is based on the number of views each name attracted on Nameberry for the first half of the year.  Rather than a measure of what people named their babies in the past, like the official popularity lists from the US and other countries, the Nameberry list gauges which names parents are most interested in for babies due to be born in coming months.

Here’s the Nameberry Top 100 for 2014… so far: