Most popular baby names of 2018 revealed! November 30 2018

Baby Center just released the top baby names of 2018!! 


1. JACKSON. Quite literally, meaning 'Son of Jack', this cool name is now more popular than Jack or John.
2. LIAM. This name began as a short form of William, but has become a popular name itself in recent years.
3. NOAH. This Hebrew name meaning 'rest; wandering' made number one spot for boys in 2013.
4. AIDEN. Meaning 'little and fiery' this adorable Irish name can also be spelled 'Aidan'.
5. CADEN. This modern name has risen in popularity following other similar names such as: Brayden and Aiden.


1. SOPHIA. Greek, meaning 'wisdom', this beautiful name has made a comeback, as we're sure it wil again.
2. OLIVIA. Once considered an older lady's name, you can't go anywhere these days without hearing the name called out. Meaning 'olive tree', we love how it symbolises new beginnings.
3. EMMA. Another stunningly classic moniker, this name reminds us of Jane Austen. It commonly arises when someone is looking for that classic yet beautiful name for a baby girl.
4. AVA. Short and sweet this Latin name meaning 'life' has been around for a few years now and isn't going anywhere soon.
5. ISABELLA. With Hebrew, Spanish and Italian origins, this gorgeous name means 'pledged to God'.