And the Most Popular Baby Names of 2016 Are… December 05 2016

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More than 400,000 parents weighed in at and the results are in: The most popular baby names this year are Sophia and Jackson … again.

BabyCenter ranked the top 100, and the top 25 are below:

Rank Girl | Boy
1. Sophia | Jackson
2. Emma | Aiden
3. Olivia | Lucas
4. Ava | Liam
5. Mia  | Noah
6. Isabella | Ethan
7. Riley | Mason
8. Aria | Caden
9. Zoe | Oliver
10. Charlotte | Elijah
11. Lily | Grayson
12. Layla | Jacob
13. Amelia | Michael
14. Emily | Benjamin
15. Madelyn | Carter
16. Aubrey | James
17. Adalyn | Jayden
18. Madison | Logan
19. Chloe | Alexander
20. Harper | Caleb
21. Abigail | Ryan
22. Aaliyah | Luke
23. Avery | Daniel
24. Evelyn | Jack
25. Kaylee | William



Drilling down into the data by sex, Riley, Aria and Charlotte are all newcomers to the top 10. Meanwhile, Aurora, Emilia, Bella, Gianna, Melanie, Everly and Luna are all new additions to the top 100. And Peyton, Eliana, Adeline, Camilia, Kinsley, Eva, Maria, Skyler, Bailey and Aria all made the largest gains relative to their position in the list last year. (Notably missing: Daenerys.) Kaitlyn, Clara, Katherine, Isla, Kayla, Emery and Taylor all slipped out of the top 100 (perhaps due to some kind of unspoken prejudice against female names that start with a hard-C sound).

As far as dudes, Oliver and Elijah are the newest entries in the top 10, while Bryson, Elias, Harrison, Zane and Kai are all newcomers to the top 100. Mateo, Ezra, Lincoln, Isaiah, Josiah, Grayson, Levi, Leo, Julian, Sebastian, Carson and Asher are the biggest gainers in the top 100, while Micah, Nathaniel, Brody, Blake and Xander all bowed out of the top 100. (Buffy doesn’t have the cultural cachet it once did.)

Finally, in case you were interested, Hillary rose 64 percent in popularity, while Donald only crept up five percent. However, Ivanka leapt up 39 percent in popularity.

Source: People Magazine