9 things people say when you’re pregnant with your second child April 24 2015

1. ‘Oh, you didn’t waste any time!’

What they really mean is, ‘you are clearly randy devils who got right down to business the moment you popped out the first baby.’

With a nine-month-old baby who did not like to sleep – I can confirm we weren’t. However, it seems that first post-baby night alone plus too much wine plus attempt at ‘romance’ before falling asleep, equals an almost immaculate conception.

2. ‘At least you’ll get all the baby stuff out of the way.’

I didn’t want it out of the way. I had wanted a little rest first. The chance to read an entire novel, go out for drinks, go back to work, spend some quality time with my husband, see my friends and, above all, SLEEP…

3. ‘Second babies are so much easier and nearly always good sleepers.’

I had one bad sleeper. Thanks to this statement being repeated time and time again, I assumed I would not have two bad sleepers. I assumed wrong!

4. ‘Ah, are you hoping for a boy/girl this time?’

Why do people assume every parent wants one of each sex?

Most are of are just hoping for a healthy baby (who sleeps a lot).

5. ‘Childbirth is always quicker the second time.’

My first took half an hour. How much quicker can you get?

6. ‘Childbirth is easier the second time around because you know what to expect.’

Yep. A baby. I was expecting that the first time but it didn’t make it any easier.

7. ‘You will find it’ll be easier to get things done because they’ll play together.’

Easier? OK, let me see… I just need to spend my whole day wiping TWO bums, changing TWO lots of nappies, doing TWO lots of washing, cleaning up TWO puddles of wee, getting endless drinks and snacks, breaking up fights and keeping TWO small people in one piece – then I’ll do all the things.

8. ‘Only eighteen months apart? How nice. They’ll be best friends!’

Can you please tell my kids that? Because three years into double motherhood and from where I am standing there is just a whole lot of screaming, arguing and lamping each other with sippy cups.

9. ‘Having two is more than double the work.’

I can confirm this one is true! But what they should add is that it is also double the laughter, double the fun and double the love.

Having two babies so close in age is as rewarding as it is challenging and as entertaining as it is exhausting. They laugh together, they cry together, they play together and they fight. But there is nothing better than watching your children’s love for each other grow stronger each day.

In fact, getting pregnant for the second time is the best thing I have ever (accidentally) done.

Source: Metro News