Baby Shower Games – 9 Fun Baby Shower Games May 12 2014 has these great idea for baby shower games!

Planning a baby shower for a friend? Or do you have a friend planning a baby shower for you? Be sure to print off this list of great baby shower games which are guaranteed ways to have extra fun at your baby shower. Here are 9 fun games to get you started with a bonus adults only game if you’re that way inclined! 


Baby Shower Games #1 – Baby!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 x dummy/pacifier for each person, cheap dummies are fine
  • 1 x piece of ribbon per dummy – enough to have a dummy hang around guests’ necks

How To Play:

When everyone arrives at the baby shower, give them a dummy each to wear around their neck.

When everyone has arrived, explain that whenever anyone is caught saying the word ‘baby’, the first person to spot them gets that person’s dummy. So the idea of the game is to collect as many dummies as you can by the end of the day.

It’s a great game for getting everyone involved and listening intently to what is going on! You can adapt the word for something else, for example if mum-to-be is having twins, you could choose ‘twins’ or ‘babies’. Another word you might pick could be ‘belly’.

Baby Shower Games #2 – Jellybabies

What You’ll Need

  • A packet of jellybabies
  • Ice cube trays – enough for one cube per guest
  • Cups of equal size, disposable are ideal

How To Play:

This needs to be prepared the night before the baby shower. Place one jellybaby into each ice cube slot and fill with water. They need to be frozen to play.

For the baby shower, announce that you are starting a game and give everyone a drink of water or punch etc., in a cup filled to the same height and tell them not to drink it.

Bring around a bowl of the jellybabies and ask each guest to pick one frozen jellybaby and put it in their drink for the game. Remind them not to start drinking until everyone has a jellybaby.

Once everyone is ready, the game can begin. The first jellybaby to be ‘born’ (from the ice completely melting) is the winner! The cubes must melt on their own accord – no crunching the ice. Even if someone wasn’t paying attention at the time and theirs has melted, the winner is the first person to notice their baby has been born.

Baby Shower Games #3 – The Price Is Right…?

What You’ll Need

  • A selection of baby products varying in price
  • Notepad and pen for each guest

How To Play:

This game is simple but fun – buy around 8 or so baby products which vary in price and place them in random order on a table or bench. Each guest must guess how much each item costs and write it down on paper.

The guest who guesses closest to the amounts wins. An easy way to tally the total up is to work out the differences in amounts of the guessed amount and actual amount, then add up all the differences in prices for each guest.

Baby Shower Games #4 – Dress the Baby

What You’ll Need

  • A newborn baby sized doll (with a nappy on)
  • Disposable nappies
  • A timer

How To Play:

For this game, each guest needs to take off a doll’s nappy and then put another nappy back on, as fast as they can, using only one hand – the other behind their back. Depending on the amount of guests and/or time you have, you could expand this to dressing also, with or without a hand behind the back. The guest who changes/dresses baby the fastest is the winner. A fun variation of this game is to play it blindfolded!

Baby Shower Games #5 – Clothes Horse Game

What You’ll Need

  • A clothes horse
  • Lots of pegs
  • A timer

How To Play:

Place lots of pegs on a clothes horse and the guest to take off the most pegs and put them into a container or bucket in 15 seconds is the winner.

Baby Shower Games #6 – Belly Measure Game

What You’ll Need

  • A tape measure
  • Pen and paper for each guest
  • The guest of honour’s pregnant belly!

How To Play:

This is a simple game, everyone needs to make a guess of how many centimetres the mother-to-be’s belly is. The person who guesses closest is the winner.

Baby Shower Games #7 – Weight Game

What You’ll Need

  • Bathroom Scales
  • Pen and paper for each guest
  • The guest of honour!

How To Play:

If mum-to-be is comfortable taking part in this game, it can work as per above, except you need to guess mum’s weight. Probably a game more for a groups of friends that are close and mum is happy to do so – it’s a good idea to ask her first!


Baby Shower Games #8 – Baby Food!

What You’ll Need

  • An assortment of supermarket bought baby food jars/tins
  • Spoons for each guest
  • Blindfold

How To Play:

Players in this game take turns at being blindfolded and have to guess which baby food they are trying by tasting it blindfolded! I wouldn’t recommend serving this food up for your guests, but its a fun and silly game to play at a baby shower! The person who guesses the most foods correctly is the winner.

Baby Shower Games #9 – Guess Who?!

What You’ll Need

  • A baby photo from each guest

How To Play:

You need to pre-plan this one – ask all guests to bring along a baby photo of themselves and everyone else will need to guess which baby photo belongs to which guest. The person who guesses the most photos is the winner.

Bonus Idea For Fun At Present Time!

This is a bit of fun and is great for laughs, but isn’t really a game.

As the mother-to-be is opening the presents, when she opens each one (as she sees her gift, she needs to say something that was said on the night of conception. Guaranteed laughs!

Bonus Game – Adults Only

For those of you who like to be a bit cheeky with your friends! PLEASE run this by the mother-to-be first because its not everyone’s cup of tea, but very popular none-the-less…

‘Labour Or Porn?’ is where the game organiser makes up a poster and sticks on a whole heap of women’s faces – some of women in labour and some from porn images/stills. The guests all need to guess if the faces belong to labour or porn – and the person who gets most right is the winner.


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